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"Their sharpening technique makes our tools useable for a long time"
 - Emirates Flights Catering

"They are the best for sharpening"
 - Red Door

"We are very pleased with their work, they are up to my standard of professionalism"
 - Reflection

"They make wonders for your tools. they not just sharpen they also makes the tools like brand new. If you have nippers full of rust that you think are unusable, bring to them. You will be amazed - they're worth it"
 - The Nail Lounge

"We need reliable company because we have huge requirement and Blade Runner meets those requirements with flying colors. We are very happy with them"
 - Beauty Connection

"They are flexible, just tell them your preference and they will do it to your satisfaction"
 - Manuella

"Their work meets our requirement"
 - Nbar

"They deliver on time with the best service quality you can find in Dubai"
 - Nstyle